Drunk Brawler


Heath: 38
AC: 1
Level: 5

- War Hammer +1
- Mug

- Leather Armor +2
- Eye-Patch


“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.”

Gamlin grew up within a well known Noble class family in western Iyonia. As the eldest of his siblings, he was set to inherit his father’s shipping company; The Esten Shipping Company. Unfortunately Gamlin’s youngest brother. Guenth, created a plot to make sure he inherited the company in his stead. Framed for the murder of his parents, Gamlin watched as his future crumbled from prestige into rotting behind iron bars. Escaping from authorities, he caught ship passage to Terova where he hoped he could forge himself a new path. However fortune was not with him, and so in order to survive, he rounded up a crew of mercenaries hoping to make a living doing little more the bounty work for the Terovian government. After a few years in this line of work, Gamlin fell deeper into drinking as he silently lamented for his lost life. On one particular mission, after catching a rather tricky individual, his camp was attacked by the party for an item in his possession. The party decided to spare Gamlin as an act of mercy, and even decided to hire him into their group of merry followers. His depression has abated since then, finally finding a place where he feels he has a kinship with some people.

Has a sarcastic attitude and likes to poke fun at others. Hates people that betray their friends or family for riches or power. Hopes to one day earn back his status of respect through hard-work.


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