Elerra Dalael

Priestess of the Raven Queen


HP: 35
AC: 1
Level: 5

Mace +2
Kite Shield +1

Drow Chain Mail +2


Born to House Dalael, Elerra was expected, as a female in Drow society, to work her way into becoming a High Priest of Lolth. She did indeed follow that path, she went to their priest academy, studying hard so that she might graduate with flying colors. However life gave her one unexpected turn. During the graduation ceremony, all Drow Priest’s are demanded to give themselves in body to a Demonic servant of the Spider Queen. Elerra refused, saying that to give herself to a filthy demonic pest is beneath her. Outraged by her apparent sacrilege, her own Matron Mother was going to offer up as a sacrifice to their dark goddess. Tied to alters in the town proper with her brother, Guldor who was blamed for “corrupting her from the path of Lolth.”; the siblings were about to feel the cold metal enter their heart.

In a twist of fate however, Firelord Drair chose this as the time to exterminate the city of Drow, asking for the Drow to beg to their goddess for their lives, and feel her turn her back on them. He then proceeded to flood the cavern city with a lake of lava, burning the unfortunate elves alive. Elerra and Guldor Dalael would have been cooked with her city, had it not been Alton, the leader of a mercenary band, freeing them and showing them a secret passage out of the city.

The wandered the Underdark for days on end, not knowing where to go. Unfortunately the came into the territory of a Drider, who picked them off with a arrows dipped in sleeping venom, and set them on a feeding web to be bled dry.

The group was rescued by a wandering adventurer party, and in exchange for their rescue, the Drow party offered their services on the group’s conquest to defeat Drair.

Elerra Dalael

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