Dorje, Grand Master of Innate Tranquility

Grand Master Monk


“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

Dorje’s story begins akin to most other monks in the world. He was abandoned at a young age by his parents for unknown reasons and left to the harsh mercy of the elements. Fate, however, decreed otherwise as the young baby was found by Master Hou of the Southern Shoajin monastery located in Iyonia. Dorje was accepted with open arms and trained in the ways of the monk through the Houjin trainers. 14 years into his training, another apprentice, jealous of the attention Dorje got from the masters, led him to the edge of a cliff and pushed him off. Falling to his death, Dorje remembered his training and remained calm in the face of peril. Pushing his mind to it’s limits he force unlocked psionic abilities within himself floating a few feet from the ravine floor.

The offending apprentice was excommunicated for the attempted murder, and Dorje, now with psionic abilities, was trained by Master Hou himself to master his new abilities. The training regiment was extremely grueling, by Dorje persisted, refusing to show weakness to the man who saved him. Such is how the year past, each day Dorje mastery of himself steadily growing.

Reaching the age of 30, Dorje decided it was time for him to experience the world through his own eyes and not just the stories of other monks who had returned from their travels. Saying his goodbyes, he traveled to the North venturing into through the desert that inhabited the middle of Iyonia and following the roads that ran to the east of the Atar Range. It was in the land of Polrand that Dorje overheard a group of Paladin’s talking about creating an expedition to lead deep into the west into Morduin to slay an great Lich who controlled the lands.


The expedition was lead by two paladin’s, a married couple named Olric and Alora Coelan, and Dorje hurriedly leaped at the chance to help them on their noble quest and offered his assistance. The Pelorian Crusaders, the order which Olric and Alora hailed, lead the charge into Morduin. The war was long and bloody; the lich, Mordûn the Death-Bringer, being a necromancer, raised the fallen knights to fight against the very armies they were once apart of. However, Dorje seeing their forces being overwhelmed called on his innate psionic powers to disrupt the necromatic magic holding together the army of the dead, winning the first battle in a long conquest. Dorje was promoted to a Lieutenant General, directly behind the rank of General Alora. After the promotion, Dorje would never been seen far from Alora’s side, they grew into fast friends and watched each other’s backs on the field of battle. Some rumors even spread that they were more than friends, however those never reached the ears of either Dorje or Alora. Many years passed and vast was the number of deceased. Alora herself would been counted among the dead, had Dorje not took a blow meant for her. Dorje himself would have died from the wound had Alora not frantically healed it to save his life. And when there eyes met on the battle field they each knew; they harbored intense feelings for one and the other.

Dorje never acted on his feelings though, for Alora was married to Olric and he truly disbelieved in the notion of how breaking a marriage would be wise. However, when Olric found out that his wife held feelings for another man, and decide to remove the variables. Going against his vows, Olric stabbed Dorje in the back before being chased off by his fellow Crusaders for breaking his oaths. Alora, fanatically healing his wounds, began to weep as she feared for his inability to pull through. However, the divines heard her prayers, and it is said Pelor himself felt his heart wrench in sadness. Dorje’s injuries began to miraculously heal themselves, and he found himself awakening under the tear-stained gazed of the one he held so dear to his heart. They could no longer deny there feelings for each other. Deciding to keep their relationship a secret, they only met in secret very rarely.

The war was still ongoing and the couple were forced to put their mind back to the task, defeating the Lich. More than eighteen years later and it seemed as if luck was with them finally as they were able to push the enemy forces back into a lake in the Northwest of Morduin. Dorje was handpicked by Alora to accompany her with a team of 30 others to delve into a labyrinth beneath the lake that house the evil conjurer. A great number of their allies fell to traps or monsters that inhabited the complex. The worst monster they faced however, was Olric himself. Not only had he deserted, but he had also defected, joining the Lich in exchange for dark necromatic powers; becoming the first recorded Death Knight. Olric seemed unstoppable, for every ally of theirs he killed, he grew in strength. Alora, through channeling divine energy was able to weaken him enough for Dorje to land a few solid hits. Before the finally blow could be struck however, Olric melded into the shadows, vowing to return and bring doom upon those who had crossed him. Dorje, Alora, and the five surviving crusaders continued on to fight the Lich. Whatever transpired within the evil lair is uncertain. All that is recorded however, is Dorje walking out carrying Alora’s body, who was stabbed in her heart by he own sword.

Dorje stayed long enough to watch as his beloved’s body burned on her funeral pyre, told the remain crusaders that Mordûn was slain, collected Alora’s ashes and left.

Dorje did not contact anyone for a few years after that day. He wandered the world sticking mostly to Polrand and Guldas-Par, but never returning to Aloren. On his travels he came upon a disturbing scene. A young girl was crying as a group of thugs butchered her parents and prepared to take capture her as a war prize. Dorje, infuriated, killed them all before they were even aware of his presence. Looking down at the young girl before him, he couldn’t help but be reminded of very similar blue eyes that would seemingly peer into his soul.

Gaining the young girl’s trust was hard but she eventually warmed up to Dorje, welcoming his company. Thinking on events Dorje thought of all wayward people in the world and how nowhere was welcoming of everyone, in regards to status, race, gender, or any other type of segregation. Taking the little girl, named Aleia, with him; he traveled to the place where the Sperent’s Run meets with the Atar Range, calling in some help from his previous home to the South, Dorje built his own monastery, one that would be a safe haven for any and all who wished it. It was there that Grand Master Dorje founded the first Hathajin Monastery.

Dorje’s story does not end there however. Aleia convinces Dorje to take her out to see the world for herself. Together they experience a lot of different events and meet many different people. They closed a portal to the elemental chaos and even helped a silver dragon find its lost treasure. The met Surion, a powerful mage and his brother, Dûrion, a Ranger lord. Through those two Dorje was also introduced to the organization the Twilight Syndicate, a group formed to watch over the world and protect it from all threats.

Dorje rarely chooses to go on adventures anymore, mostly seeking and training monks under his wise guidance. He has also establish several other Monasteries, one in Terova and another Lethran. He continues this, and one day hopes to be reunited with his dear beloved.

Dorje, Grand Master of Innate Tranquility

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