Dûrion Guevaren

Ranger Lord and Arch-Druid; Arcane Archer


HP: 254
AC: -29

Vilvaren, the Silver-Streaker +4
– Haste (Double Shots)
– Deals an extra 1d6 primal damage.
Un-ending quiver +4
Borgûl, the Dragon Slayer (Long Sword) +4
– Deals extra 1d6 against reptilian creatures
– Becomes a +8 if striking a dragon.

Elven Battle Armor +8
– +5 on Savings Throws
– Immune to slows or immobilization
– Haste (Double movement and attack.)
– Able to cast spells in this armor.


One of the founding members of the Twilight Syndicate.

Dûrion Guevaren

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