Orc Death Knight


(Artorias during his time at the Monastery)

“Though we are the messenger of death, we are also the guardian of life.”

gender- male
age- 52
level- 6
alignment- true neutral

HP- 55
AC- -3

Strength- 19
Dexterity- 15
Constitution- 17
Intelligence- 12
Wisdom- 14
Charisma- 18


back story (rough and poorly spelled summary)

-raised in orc tribe that was destroyed by pallys as a young child.
-raised as slave in the pally bastion newly formed atop the tribe former grounds as a mocking blow to his people.
-used in cannon fodder platoons of fellow orc slaves to fight jormungers just outside pally territory to test conventional methods of combating them.
-Artorias this entire time has a animalistic rage growing inside him for all things outside of his clan.
-one day while being tortured by the paladins as punishment for trying to rally his fellow orc in rebellion. he is contacted telepathically by a death knight (name to be decided) and offered power and freedom in exchange for the souls of those he damns and starting with both the paladins and his orc tribe he had grown along side in slavery.
-an agreement is reluctantly made and a slaughter in sues
-after “cleansing” the temple of all life, artorias is obsessed with a far off power source that is necrotic in nature.
-the next few days would be sleepless as artorias burns villages and slaughters in the name of a death knight he barely knows or trusts in a lust for more power as he searches onward for this energy source
-surprisingly, artorias finds a lone monk in possession of a reapers scythe and demands he hand it over
-the monk calmly and swiftly subdues the blood rage filled artorias and with his interest and mercy peaked, transports the knocked out rage monster to his monastery
-artorias is chained in the monastery and is slowly calmed and taught to control his rage and evil necrotic urges.
-for several years Artorias spends his years with the monks learning the ways of martial prowess and finding peace in life and with others.
-the fellow students he is growing up with name him Artorias meaning “grey wolf” in ancient orc tongues and due to his “old soul” literal mentality he has grown into during his training only to years later, fit all to well with his big wolf pelt looking facial hair.
-after all this time Artorias decides to leave monastery to accompany Dorje (the monk) to a far continent not asking why they are headed there.
-Dorje, after arriving at Terova with artorias, sends him out to look for (to quote him) “Something worth discussing for years to come.” with a smile that usually meant there was a plan behind his eyes.
-like brothers, Artorias departs to carry out his master and close friends will, ready for what danger or task lies ahead.


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