Eladrin - Warlord


Age. 113

Alignment: Chaotic neutral.

AC: -1

HP: 60/60

Strength: 19

Constitution: 18

Dexterity: 18

Intelligence: 13

Wisdom: 14

Charisma: 16

Weapons -
Drider leg cross bow.
Two handed sword.
Two handed battling mace with fire damage.
Curved dagger.

Skills -
Frightful strike.
War cry.
Drag down.
Frightful death.


Takari Da’Naewen was born in the faewild under the sovereignty of Narquelion, The Overlord of Autumn. In this civilization, the male Eladrin were trained for war and combat, whilst the females were expected to train and perfect the art of wizardry. Takari, though, wanted to be in the midst of battle even at the young age of 22. The Overlord saw her potential and bid her one task. With this task, if completed, Takari would have the opportunity to join The Overlard’s elite troop – The Breath of Autumn, in which she would be the first into battle.

Decades later,after continual conquests, Takari was captured by giant Formorians (giants of the faedark). These creatures had an underground slave arena where their victims were put into an enclosed stadium to fight against other captured slaves for the giants’ entertainment. Takari was by far one of the best fighters the Formorians had captured, until she went against their champion, a Great Minotar Bol’Dun. The two fought for so long, the Formorians put a continuance on the match. Bol’Dun and Takari were then caged next to each other for nights on end, in which Bol’Dun had done his best to teach Takari his way of speaking. The two became unlikely friends. The night before their next match, they came to a truce – they were going to free themselves from servitude. The devised plan was plain and simple: cause chaos and run. The two escaped down in the twisting tunnels of the faedark until light was breached. Running blindly, they managed to accidentally run into a rift which took them from the faedark to the material realm.

After days of wandering the lands, Takari and Bol’Dun were weak and near starving. Fortunately, a passing caravan cautiously offered them food and water. Danae, the World-Seer, the caravan leader, promised them shelter in exchange for protection and extra muscle. As soon as they agreed to the arrangement, Takari, Bol’Dun, and Danae’s caravan set off for the south.


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