Halfling thief


Deity: None
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Eighteen
AC: 10
HP: 32/32

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 13


Aya was born on a continent to the North of Terova called Del’an na’vair. This continent did not share Terova’s liberation from slavery, for it lacked proper hierarchy of religious power. Without the influence of paladin’s and religious order, those deemed lesser than the higher power ( mainly humans ) were enslaved or pushed beyond the borders of civilization.

Aya does not remember a time before she was six. She dreams of wrath & ruin, but her mind represses all memory of her earlier childhood. She no longer remembers her mother’s touch or her father’s voice. All she can remember is running & starving & stealing. She was seven the first & only time she got caught. They beat in her the middle of the town square, without kindness or mercy. ‘We have to set an example. No one steals in this town,’ they had said. She was then thrown into the slums of the city to be eaten by the massive sewer rats, & they deemed her a “Street Rat” herself.

She was seemingly saved by a human male, a noble of the highgardens of Filvran. His name was Irvin Dulnar:


At first, he was kind to her. He raised her, dressed her in fancy clothing, gave her the impression that she mattered, that she was only doing ‘chores’ around his home because he asked it of her & she owed him her life.

She was first beaten when she was nine years old. Irvin had some of his guests over, and Aya accidentally spilled some wine on one of the girls. He slapped her in front of the guests, and then beat her again in the privacy of her quarters. She was then cast out like a dog, told that she could sleep with the horses like the bitch that she was. It was not the first night she slept out there, but it was the first time she learned that she had been claimed as a slave, and no one was going to save her this time.

She was eleven when she ran away. She had always been quick, stealthy, able to pass unseen amongst the humans, who were much larger & louder than she. It had been the fear that had prevented her from fleeing for the past two years, but she soon grew to learn: if she stayed, his hand would one day lay upon her skin, & it would not stop until her heart stilled forever.

And so she ran.

And ran, and ran until the air burned her lungs and the bottom of her feet were coated with dirt & blood. She ran until she had arrived at Krorjir, the capital of Del’an na’vair. She cut her hair, which had grown long in her enslavement, and she hid behind the name Arron, taking on the clothes & name of a boy. They would be less likely to find her if she stripped herself of any previous identity.

She went from:


It was in Krorjir that she learned just how well she could steal & gamble. She was highly efficient with lying, so the art of cards & dice were her money maker, & often she would not have to steal unless they discovered her dice were loaded and her sleeves were stuffed with cards. She was sixteen when she was pickpocketing a noble, and he caught her. He cut off her left pinky and ring finger in retaliation, and would have done in with the rest of her hand if she hadn’t been saved by a member of the Whispering Mordo, the thieves guild that ran the under city of Krorjir.

She was welcomed into the guild & asked for recruitment purposes, for she was small, even for a halfling ( 2’1" to be exact ) and could easily succeed in any mission she was put up against. She agreed willingly & without much reluctance, for what did she have to lose? As part of initiation, she was branded with a marking on her back that looked similar to this:


The guild master, a man named Faor Greyshield, was a just man, seeing that by stealing, he could do good for those who needed it. It was a Robin Hood style belief, and he often stole from the rich so that could give to the poor. He became an inspiration to Aya, and she took his beliefs to heart, changing her mindless theft into always giving to the poor. She even helped set free a couple of slaves, which were later recruited to the thieves guild.

It was on her sixteenth nameday that she was laid open from hip to shoulder by a guardsmen, sixteen when the guild learned that she was a woman. As the guild was exclusive to men, she was banished, run out of Krorjir despite her desperation & begging to stay. They would not hear her, betrayed by her lies ( ironic enough ).

So she set South, where she snuck onto a boat and stowed away to the exciting continent of Terova, where she would begin her life anew once more.


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