To Salt and Burn

Story so far

While clearing the Sanctuary of the World-Mender for Saera and her organization, the party found something more sinister taking root in Terova at this time. A man, called Firelord Drair, has evil plots that will shake the country to it’s foundations. After talking with the Firelord through a enchanted mirror, the party failed to notice a teleportation sigil opening above their heads. A host of goblins poured from the sigil, swarming and killing the injured mage in the party. The rest were prepared to run, one opting to sacrifice herself to give the party a chance to flee and save themselves. Fortunately, their savior came at that exact moment and sent a pulse of magic that fried the goblins were they stood.

Their rescuer was Danae, the World-Seer, mother of Saera and one of the founding members of the Twilight Syndicate. The group was on Terova investigating Drair, and what his motives were. Danae, in exchange for a few favors, and the actual Sanctuary to act as a garrison, to the party, asked them to locate Oscar, a seer of great potential in the capital city. She also allowed some of her own company to join the party.

The road to the capital took only a few days with the party passing through a few villages to reequip themselves. A guard told them that they would be able to find Oscar at the Salty Sailor in around after 7 with a dismissive snort. They went to the inn and the bar tender pointed them to a lone drunk in the corner. Unfortunately the man was Oscar and so they had to deal with his drunken stupor to find the information they needed to know.

Oscar told the party that he had a list he needed them to collect so that he might do a ritual. The list included: Spring Water from a Druid’s Grove, in which they had to kill a man planning to settle on the druids lands to get, and then flee from the authorities; A cockatrice egg; where they made battle with it and rescued a wandering paladin named Tirion Dain; A cursed scroll of trackless ashes; found in a mercenary camp; where they recruited the leader, Gamlin, and set free a criminal, Delver Calder; And lastly, they had to go the Monastery where Drair grew up, one of the party meeting their old master in the process, and find something that had a direct connection to Drair, and recruiting a monk named Varel.

Taking all these supplies back to Oscar, he mixed most of the reagents in a bowl, thanking them for getting the egg and the spring water, a good treat. The party knocked him around for a few moments until he did the ritual. The ritual stated that they would find Drair at a town named Tardra on the eastern coast of the island. Giving Oscar one last shake down for tricking them, the party left.

Along the way to Tardra, the party found the druid that they had helped earlier, except that this time he looked like he had been severely burned and was delirious. After mumbling to himself the druid attacked, summoning a black bear to his aid and rushing the party. He was cut down, being already wounded and near insane, and as his summoned black bear jumped out of the bushes to help it was pulled back in with a strangled cry and then torn apart. Two full grown trolls emerged out of the brush and attacked the party, almost killing one of the party members before they were put down.

They continued on their way to Tardra, but along the road before the city, they saw black smoke billowing above it. Directly after spotting the smoke, the party heard sounds of combat in the forest. Half of the party rushed to the woods to see what cause the sounds, finding, Tirion, the paladin they had rescued earlier. He was fighting was had appeared to be charred husks of burnt people reanimated. Together they fought them off and rallied together, determined to find out what occurred in the village.

Tardra was burnt to the ground, along with everyone in it. After scaling the wall they found a lone man bending over the town center and drawing something on the ground. Standing up and turning around, he congratulated the party for finding him and being brave enough to come confront him. After he was done talking he stepped back, directly onto a blood sigil that he had been drawing, teleporting him out of the town. The sigil started glowing again however, flashed red, and then dropped a fire giant in the town.

The giant started banging the ground in his anger, cracking the cliff the town was nestled on and swinging a few times at the party. One of the party members got knocked into a house, and another knocked into Tirion and they flew into a wall. The party member was fine, however Tirion received a stake through the gut and was slowly bleeding out. He told Artorias, the party member, to distract the beast while he finished it. Artorias did as was asked, but not before swearing to deliver a memento box to Tirion’s wife for him. As he was distracting the giant, Tirion used a ritual to bring himself behind the giant, raising one of his spell-storing spears, and thrusting it into the ground, releasing the massive Earthquake spell, destroying the fragile ground and sending half the town, with Tirion and the giant, into the sea.

After the dust settled, they looked out into the now visible ocean and saw the Firelord standing on one of three massive iron bound fire giant ships. As they watched, fire giants with great bows took aim at them and fired. They aim was not great as they were mainly trying to pelt the land around them. However, Gamlin was nicked by one arrow in the eye, completely ruining his eyesight in his left eye. They fled from the scene, watching in amazed horror as the arrows continued to pelt the forest beyond Tardra, each fiery arrow igniting a blaze through the forest.

The fled all the way back to their garrison, wishing to regroup with the rest of the party.

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